We have built our industry reputation over the past 25 years by surpassing the expectations of our many discerning clients. At dB Mastering we are committed to achieving the difference between a good master and an outstanding master.

This is our passion!

Our clients speak for themselves.

Analogue to Digital Conversions

All conversions are created through mastering grade Analogue to Digital convertors ensuring the highest quality audio files are created.

Should you require the quality of the source files to be improved we also offer a complete audio restoration service.

Formats include – cassette, dictaphone and analogue tape.

Digital Transfers

We can transfer any digital format to any other digital format without any unnecessary analogue conversion.

Formats include DAT tape (including the rare 32k sample rate), Mini Disc, CD, DVD, iPod & iPhone.

Audio Restoration

Often older and/or legacy formats deteriorate due to poor storage or simply the ageing process, thus we offer a complete suite of restoration services – de-hissing, de-noising, de-clicking, hum removal and distortion removal, right through to and including remastering for release.

Tape transfers

You may wish to dust off a reel to reel tape and have it transferred to CD before it further deteriorates or have your analogue mutitrack tape transferred to a digital format for remixing. All transfers are created through mastering grade analogue to digital convertors.

Vinyl Transfers

We offer vinyl transfers to CD and include track indexing as standard. This allows for the individual tracks to be accessed by your CD player rather than one long file containing all the tracks on Side 1 or Side 2. Individual digital files can also be created.

Full audio restoration, click and crackle removal and remastering is also available.


Do you feel your mixes are not “quite there” and would like assistance with mixing prior to booking your project in for mastering?

Please feel free to call us on 0414 380 699 to discuss the details of your project. We love questions!